#HaikuBeerReview – Mother’s Brewing Company Doozy!

Commercial Description: Big and hoppy and pleasantly bitter, Doozy is a Double IPA crafted for hop lovers by hop lovers. At every stage of the brewing process, we saw another chance to add more coveted Citra hops. The result is a medium-bodied, deep-golden beer that’s knock you back bold from start to finish. Did we mention the hops?

Mother's Brewing Company

Two words: citra hops
They add them at ev'ry stage
A doozy, indeed.

The Rundown #3

Welcome to The Rundown.  Each week, we’ll post new beer releases, special editions, and seasonals that you can find here in Springfield.  If a beer has not yet been released, we’ll also let you know the release date when we can.

Mother’s Brewing Company:
Your best bet with Mother’s this week is to make it to the 4th Ever Mother’s Day Festival, where you can expect to find Sandy, Doozy, Love Factory #2, and a slew of Tasting-Room-Only beers that will knock your socks off.  Mother’s never messes around this time of year, and they have some seriously good beer around right now.

White River Brewing Company:
Keep your eye out this week for Buck Hollow Blond.  WRBC had a shipment of incorrect packaging, so it should be packaged this week, but you can get your hands on it now on draft around town or at the Brown Derby Wine Center (they hand-bottled a couple of cases for them).

An interesting side note for you: White River has broken ground on their new construction, so expect some updates on that in the coming months as they build a larger tasting room and outdoor seating area.

Springfield Brewing Company:
In addition to their flagship beers and their bottled Anniversary Ale (Berry Stout), you can find three specialties on tap. Hellbender Hellerbock, Del Fuego, and The Quencher in the Rye.

The Brown Derby Wine Center:
In addition to being the only place to find Buck Hollow Blond in bottles right now, the Wine Center also has some new additions to check out.


  • Founder’s Rubaeus – Ruby-Red Raspberry beer.
  • Odell St. Lupulin – An Extra Pale Ale.  Bold hops, light color and body.
  • Cambridge Spring Training IPA – Don’t mistake this for a session IPA.  It is 6.6%.  But it’s refreshing and chockabock full og Palisades and Ahtanum hops.  Grassy, wildflower aromas set this IPA apart from others.

As for other craziness they have for you, check out this list:

  • Mikkeller French Oak Barleywine Series- A base beer that is a 19.3% barley wine aged on French oak with varying levels of toast. 6 beers total.
  • Mikkeller 1,000 IBU- They only have one case and it’s going quickly.
  • Nogne-O/Terrapin Imperial Rye Porter- A rare treat to find something with a Terrapin logo on it around here.
  • Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga- Funky spring seasonal

Quick Hits:

  • Anchor Summer Ale – An American Wheat beer that has been brewed annually since 1984.  Light and refreshing.
  • Lazy Magnolia Backwoods Belgian – A Belgian-style Strong Ale, this slightly sweet beauty is brewed with honeysuckle.
  • Core Brewing Company – Not sure what beers they will be bringing from ore this week, but some highlights to look for include their Robust Porter, Pale Ale, and their ESB.  Once I know what’s available in town, I’ll fill you in.

Questions or suggestions?  Reach out to us through the Contact Us page.

What’s on Tap! 5/8/2014 – American Craft Beer Week

Next week is American Craft Beer Week, so you can expect to see a lot of craft beer related events happening throughout the area.

Look for tons of events from local brewers, newcomers Core Brewing Company, and from your favorite retailers in the area.  Here are some highlights:

Saturday, May 10th:
Have a little Pre-ACBW party in the Brown Derby tent village this Saturday to benefit the Doula Foundation of the Ozarks.  Saturday is the Craft Beer Fest at The Brown Derby International Wine Center.  It’s $15 for general admission, which gets you in from 1:30 to 4pm, but you can get in an hour earlier if you call them in advance and reserve your VIP ticket for $25.  There will be over 100 beers to try, including some pretty special brews from some of America’s best brewers.

Sunday, May 11th:
Continue the festivities with an ACBW kickoff party on the Ebbet’s Field Patio with Mother’s Brewing Company.  They’ll be out there from 8:30 to 11PM serving Mother’s Beer on Mother’s Day.  Buy your Mom a Sandy to thank her for making you happen.

Monday, May 12th:
Craft Beer Bowling League launch at Enterprise Lanes.  Teams of 3 bowlers competing for who can drink the most craf- oh, wait.  No.  Who can knock over the most pins while drinking craft beer.  League is weekly through June 28th, and is $11 per bowler per week.  Your $11 gets you three games of bowling and the right to wear those awesome shoes for an evening.  (It also includes one locally-crafted beer from Mother’s, White River Brewing, or Springfield Brewing Company).  Call Enterprise Lanes at 417-883-0511 to sign up.

Tuesday, May 13th:

  • Macadoodle’s on Independence will be holding a Core Beer sampling from 5-7 PM
  • Old Chicago on Independence will have a Core Beer Tap Takeover that day.
  • Mother’s Brewing Company is sponsoring a Cards Against Humanity tournament at Trolley’s.  There will be tables of 8 players until each of the 8 tables has a winner, then those 8 winners will compete for a chance at CAH glory.  Call Trolley’s at (417) 799-0309 to reserve your spot.
  • Bair’s Sports Grill downtown will have a Boulevard Brewing Company Tap Takeover from open to close, including a chance to win an awesome vintage-style Pop-Up IPA cooler.  Beers are available all day, but the giveaways will start at 6pm.
  • Trivia Night presented by Boulevard at The Flea downtown.  Sign-up is at 6:30, and Trivia starts around 6:45 or 7.

Wednesday, May 14th:

  • Mother’s Trivia night featuring Doug Riddle at Finnegan’s Wake.  Starts at 8 pm.  The trivia will be solely Beer-Related in honor of ACBW.
  • Core Beer Sampling at HyVee from 4-6 PM
  • Patton Alley Pub will hold “Happy Hour All Day with Core Brewing” Tap Takeover.

Thursday, May 15th:

  • Mama Jean’s Craft Beer Fest from 5-7 PM. Expect highlights from your favorite local breweries and from Core Beer.
  • Mother’s Brewing Company Tasting at Macadoodle’s on Independence, including Sandy and DOOZY!
  • Big Time beer dinner at Metropolitan Farmer with Mother’s Brewing Company.  Limited to just 25 seats, and they are $40 apiece.  Starts at 6:30pm.  5 courses.  Call Metro Farmer at (417) 720-1665 t reserve your spot before they are gone.
  • Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’ with Mother’s Brewing Company – Bicycles and beer.  Evening kicks off at The Dugout and you’ll ride from beer venue to beer venue enjoying the spring weather and responsible drinking.  Be careful, my friends.
  • Mud Lounge/Core Beer Tap Takeover and Keep the Pint special.

Friday, May 16th:

  • Macadoodles in Branson will have a Core Beer Sampling from 3-5pm.
  • Harbell’s will have Boulevard Pints on sale for $2.50.  At 6pm, the sampling team will be there to kick the party up a notch.
  • Brown Derby Wine Center/Mother’s Brewing Tasting.  From 4-7pm, you can sample Mother’s beers including Sandy and Doozy.  For free.
  • Another Mother’s tasting is this day at Price Cutter on Republic and Kansas Expressway.
  • Yet another will be happening at HyVee.  More Sandy, more Doozy.

Saturday, May 17th:

As every year, ACBW 2014 will culminate in Springfield with the Mother’s Day Festival.  Gates open at 1:30 pm, the beer starts pouring at 2pm, and the event lasts until 8pm.  Bring your blankets, chairs, and families for a huge annual event that features the best Springfield has to offer, including local beer, local art, local food, and live local music.  For more event details, visit the Mother’s Brewing Company website.

The Homebrewer’s Corner – Make a Plan

“I love it when a plan comes together.”
John “Hannibal” Smith, The A-Team

When I was not yet married and brewing was my plan for the day, I could spend 10 or more hours in my garage piddling around, drinking beer, and making even more beer.  Now, though, I don’t have as much liberty with my time and am compelled to shorten the time I spend “goofing off” in the garage.  Over time, my brew days have gotten significantly shorter, and I am always looking for good ways to shorten them without sacrificing the quality of the brew.

Whether you have to shorten your brew day out of necessity or you want to squeeze a brew day into a smaller window so you can brew more often, the best way to shorten your brew day is through proper planning. Not only will planning shorten your brew day, it will also help you to make better and more consistent beer.

Here are a few tips for shortening (and improving) your brew day through effective planning:

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The Rundown #2

Welcome to The Rundown.  Each week, we’ll post new beer releases, special editions, and seasonals that you can find here in Springfield.  If a beer has not yet been released, we’ll also let you know the release date when we can.

Mother’s Brewing Company Tasting Room:
Mother’s has just released several new beers in their tasting room.  Plus, look for Doozy to come out later next week and a bunch of fun stuff to be released at the Mother’s Day Fest.

In their tasting room, look for these gems:
Red Rover
5% ABV 16 IBU
Notes from the brewery: The beer has a nice pale color with a touch of ruby red. The head is fruity and sweet, but not overpowering. The taste is mildly sweet but perfectly balanced with the decreased carbonation, hops, and 2 Row malt. The raspberries really come through during the aftertaste.

High Plains Drifter
Pale Ale
Easy-drinking Pale Ale, from what I’ve heard, though I have not tried it yet, myself.  Give it a shot.

Chocolate Thunder
5.2% ABV 16 IBU
Notes from the brewery: Assertive aroma of chocolate ganache and tootsie roll. Mild vanilla aroma in the background. Flavors of bakers chocolate and dry roasted malts. Vanilla is pronounced in the mid palette before a dry roasted finish. Mouth feel is rich and creamy with a surprising dryness. Silky chocolate and vanilla with a lingering dry cocoa and roast.

Coming soon, you’ll also find Doozy’s little cousin:
Training Wheels
American IPA
3.3% ABV 28 IBU
Notes from the brewery: The bizarro Doozy! A golden session IPA made from the Doozy! mash, Training Wheels weighs in at a hefty 3.3% ABV. Moderately bitter and chock full of pleasant fruity, spicy, and piney hop character. Perfect for a day of carousing or a night out on the town, it tastes great and is also less filling. No really, it is less filling and lower in calories than any other beer we have made.


Springfield Brewing Company:
Hellbender Hellerbock – Pale golden bock beer with a healthy helping of fruity hops.
Del Fuego! – An SBC favorite, this stout is dosed with smoked Chipotle Meco, Pasilla, Ancho  and De Arbol peppers.  Don’t fear the heat, though.  It’s well balanced and not too spicy.
Quencher in the Rye(PA) – A newer addition to the SBC family, this RyePA is crisp and bright with some peppery notes from the hops and rye.

White River Brewing Company:
Buck Hollow Blond – A Missouri take on a Belgian blonde, this should be hitting stores Friday, but you may not see it until early next week.

Leaky Roof Meadery:
Currently, our friends at Leaky Roof have only two meads in town, their Cyser and Berry Picker, but if you can make the jaunt to Buffalo, you can try all of their meads, including several small-batch releases.  If you’re close enough to Arkansas to stop over the line for a mead on tap, you’ll find they have seven available.

Brown Derby International Wine Center:
Got an update from our friend Eric over at the Wine Center today.  They have quite the list on tap in the Derby Deli right now:

  • Urban Chestnut Aramis Pilsner
  • Urban Chestnut Hopfen Bavarian IPA
  • Evil Twin Ryan & The Beaster Bunny
  • Evil Twin Ron & The Beast Ryan (fermented w/Jolly Pumpkin Brett)
  • New Belgium Hop Kitchen Rye P.A.
  • Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA
  • Mother’s Chocolate Thunder
  • Founders Imperial Stout

In addition to these awesome brews, you can pick any beer you’d like off the shelf and, for a corking fee, they’ll chill the beer and serve it to you in the deli.  If the bottle is 22 ounces or less, the corking fee is $1, and anything over 22 oz is $2.  So, add that to the price of the bottle and you can have it served to you in the deli.

You heard me right.  Any beer off the shelf can be served to you on premises.

Quick Hits:

  • Don’t miss Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.  It’s citrusy, bright, and very delicious.  And there’s no fruit in it, though you wouldn’t guess from the flavor.
  • He’brew Funky Jewbilation is in town.
  • Keep an eye out for Sandy and Doozy coming out very soon, and you may want to attend the Mother’s Day Fest on May 17th just to get your hands on some Love Factory #2.
  • The SBC Anniversary Stout is still available in the big bottles at the brewery.  A berry stout, this one’s very nice.
  • Core Brewing Company debuts in town NEXT WEEK.  I’ll try and get info about events so you can get your hands on some.

Music for Beer Lovers with Ashton Lewis

On the night of the final TAG/Beer Buzz podcast, Ashton Lewis, Brett Johnston, and I spoke about music at length.  As we discussed music and beer, I thought it could be a fun experiment to try and combine music, food, and beer together.

As the podcast wound down and this site spun up, I emailed Ashton and asked him to pair some music with some beer, and then throw in some ideas for food, as well.

Although he found it challenging, Ashton came up with some great combinations.  After each one, he offers what he calls his “liner notes” for the combination.

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Feature Article – Beer Clean Glassware

If you’ve listened to the show for a long time, or if you’ve spoken to me in person about beer, you probably know that I take my glassware pretty seriously.  Choosing the right kind of glass for your beer can enhance your appreciation of the beer in it a great deal.

Frosted glasses kill aroma and shaker pints are rarely good idea, but the worst sin you can commit, in my opinion, is to pour your delicious craft beer into a dirty glass.

Let me rephrase that: The cleanliness of your glass is far more important than the type of glass you are using.  Even if you’re drinking your beer out of a red solo cup, you should, at the very least, make sure that solo cup is as clean as possible.

We all appreciate the hard work brewers put into producing high quality beers for us to enjoy. The clarity and carbonation of the beer take a lot of planning, foresight, and execution by your brewer. There’s nothing like beads of condensation sliding down the side of a crystal clear beer with big champagne-like bubbles clinging to the side, struggling not to float to the top and become part of that everlasting foam. That carbonation clinging to the side of the glass and the lingering foam are signals to us that you are about to taste a very high quality beer.

So, don’t pour your beer into that glass unless you’re positive that your glass is clean. Not just clean, but “beer clean”.

Science Time!

A clean glass can make all the difference in the world when you pour and drink a beer, and just because it looks clean doesn’t mean that it is clean. Don’t believe me? Let’s do an experiment:

1. Take a nice glass and put some milk in it.

2. Drink your milk.

3. Rinse your glass and wash it with hot water, but no soap.

4. Pour a beer in the glass. (You like this experiment, right?)

5. Make a note of what the beer looks like. How long did the foam last? Are there bubbles clinging to the side?

6. Taste the beer and feel the bubbles on your tongue and make notes about the flavors.

7. Drink the rest of the beer. (Don’t waste it.)

8. Wash the glass again. This time, use baking soda.

9. Pour another beer.

10. Look at the beer and take notes.

11. Taste the beer and take notes.

Does it look different? Did the foam last longer? Was the carbonation or flavor different? It’s because your glass wasn’t completely clean the first time.

It’s an old salesman’s trick. If you’re selling glassware, make sure the competitor’s glass is dirty, but not visibly dirty. When you show them how well the beer retains its head and aroma in your glass, it looks like your glass is simply better made. In fact, it’s just clean.

Foam, by its nature, is relatively stable. If you pour your beer and your beer foam is not lingering very long, there’s something in your glass reacting with the foam and killing it, and that means you probably need to clean your glassware really well. Try the baking soda method if you only have a few to wash.

Here are a few tips to keep your glassware clean at home:

1. Clean all of your beer glassware with baking soda to get them clean.

2. Never use your beer glasses for anything except beer. Using them for anything else may leave a residue.

3. Don’t wash them with soap. Use a glassware detergent or baking soda.

4. Wash them carefully after every use with very hot water. Again, don’t use soap. It can leave a film.

5. Let your glassware air dry in a dish rack or on a hanging glass rack. If water droplets cling or spots show when your glass dries, it’s not clean.

6. Don’t wash them in the dishwasher, especially with other dishes. The food, oils, or residues from the other dishes will cling to your clean glasses.

At Home versus out and about:
It’s pretty easy to control the cleanliness of your glassware when drinking at home, but much harder to do when you’re out and about.  For this reason, it’s important for you to let your favorite watering hole know that this is important to you.  If you can, ask them how they clean their glassware.

If it’s a solid craft beer bar, they should be ready and willing to answer the question, but you have to know what to expect from establishments that don’t specialize in craft beer.  Many of them will likely say, “In the dishwasher.”  And that’s fine, but remember that the craft beer you drink there will never be at its best.

And if you order a beer and a water and they come in identical glassware, you can bet they also serve tea, soda, and maybe even cocktails in those glasses, as well.  If that’s the case, they will certainly never be “beer clean”.

For the Pros:
If you are a bar or restaurant owner and you’re serious about your beer, these tips apply to you, too, but you can also utilize your dishwasher by doing the following:

First, gather all the glasses you use for beer. Inspect them for wear and damage. Any older glasses with etches or scratches in the inside need to be tossed. Those harbor foam-killing substances and act as nucleation sites for flattening your beer faster.

Then, run your dishwasher with nothing but detergent in it (a normal cycle with no dishes). This will clean the inside of your dishwasher. Then, load it with only beer glassware. Run it, and then run it again.

Once you’ve done this, never ever wash your beer glasses with other dishes. Ever. Oh, and don’t use those beer glasses for anything except beer. Ever.

Want to go for extra points? Do what the Belgians do. Right before you pour a beer, submerge it in cold, running water.

It might seem a bit obsessive, but it can make a big difference to the right beer and beer drinker. Oh, and make sure you choose the right glass for the beer.


What’s on Tap! 5/1/2014

May 2nd First Firkin Friday at Mother’s Brewing Company
Not sure what it will be, but this event coincides with the 5th Annual Queen City Beard and Moustache Competition Meet and Greet, so be prepared to be amazed at the facial hair present.  They are making a special firkin for the occasion, so get there early and have a blast.

May 3rd is Big Brew Day (National Homebrew Day) at The Homebrewery in Ozark, Missouri.
This Saturday, meet lots of area homebrewers and join the Homebrew ZOO and The Homebrewery in celebrating American Homebrew Day.  We’ll have brewing demonstrations, homebrew sampling, and even some meadmaking demonstrations.  It runs from 10 am to 3 pm, so stop by any time.  It is a family-friendly event, and it is free to attend.

Also May 3rd, but at Mother’s Brewing Company
The Mother’s Intern National Wiffle Ball Tournament will happen in the back yard while the 5th Annual Queen City Beard and Moustache Competition will occur in the tasting room.  The wiffle ball games start at 10 am, 2-4 players per team, limit of 30 teams.  The event benefits the YMCA downtown, and it should be pretty fun.  There will be Cecil’s Go-To there, and Mother’s will, of course, be pouring their beer for all attendees.  Come to play or come to watch, you’ll still have a good time.

May 10th is the Craft Beer Fest at the Brown Derby Wine Center.
Proceeds to benefit the The Doula Foundation. VIP Early Entrance tickets (12:30-1:30pm) are available in advance for $25 per person (limited to the first 100 sold). Regular Entry tickets (1:30-4pm) are $15 and will be available on the day of the event. They’ll have around 100 different craft beers to sample, both out of bottle or can and on tap. For VIP Early Entrance, RSVP to (417) 883-4066.

May 12th-18th is American Craft Beer Week.
Mother’s is holding a ton of events that week.  They are listed on the Mother’s website.  In addition, watch this site for more information on events, such as the Core Brewing launch in Springfield that week.

May 17th is 4th ever Mother’s Day Fest.
2PM to 8PM in Mother’s Back Yard. (215 S Grant Spfd, MO). $5 at the gate, kids under 15 get in free. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, etc. Live Music, Local Food, Local Art, and Local BEER. (Including Love Factory Mark 2). Afterwards, there will be an official after party at Patton Alley Pub featuring Speakeasy.

Springfield Brewing Company:
Thursdays from 8-10pm, 180 degrees featuring Kristi Meredith.
Friday Nights, 6-9pm, The Johnny Stricklar Trio
Saturdays from 4-7 pm, The Ryan Talbot Experience

Wednesday is Happy Hour Live at the University Plaza Hotel Lobby.
Even though TAG Media is not longer around, their legacy lives on in the best networking opportunity in town.  Each Wednesday from 5:00-7:30 pm, the UP Hotel Lobby hosts live music, local beer, food samples, and some very cool people.

Have an event you’d like to have included in our What’s on Tap! posts or calendar?  Let us know through our Contact Us page.