‘Tweener: Rundown #14 Update

Just got a message from Eric at the Brown Derby Wine Center about some beers that won’t last long.  I thought you guys might want to know about these babies.

Sierra Nevada Equinox Harvest IPA– Equinox is the name of the single hop used in the latest Harvest Ale. Sierra describes it as having complex aromas ranging from bright and citrusy to herbal and woody, with a top note of fruity, garden-fresh bell pepper.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Invitation Ale – A West Coast Double IPA brewed to invite you to celebration the biggest craft beer collaboration extravaganza to ever take place in the history of the universe (that I’m aware of). These come in 24oz bombers and are in a very limited supply.  

They have limited seating still available to taste all 12 Sierra Nevada collaboration beers on August 12th at 6:30. The tickets will not last long and this will be the best way to ensure that you get to taste them, as the bottles are VERY limited.  To reserve your spot, call the Wine Center at 1(417) 883-4066 TODAY!!!

What’s on Tap! 7/24/2014

Whew.  If you’re reading this, you survived Springfield Craft Beer Week last week.  There’s even a chance you didn’t get enough.  Well, if that’s the case, maybe you should consider making the trip up to St. Louis next week.  After all, it’s STL Beer Week.  They’ll have over 100 events spanning throughout the city and featuring all of the local breweries (an believe me, there are A LOT OF THEM).

Or, you may be looking for something a little closer to home.  If that’s the case, I encourage you to check these area events:

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The Rundown #12

It’s #SGFBeerWeek (Springfield Craft Beer Week, you know).  That means there are ll kinds of fun events for you to go and attend, but there are also some very special beers to be found this week out and about town. Let’s get down to it.

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What’s on Tap! #SGFBeerWeek 2014 – 7/10/2014

Next week is SGF Craft Beer Week, culminating, of course, in the Craft Beer Bash on Saturday, July 19th.  Rather than take up tons of space listing off every event for craft beer week possible, I thought it might make more sense to make it a Google Map for you.

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