#HaikuBeerReview – Mother’s Brewing Company Doozy!

Commercial Description: Big and hoppy and pleasantly bitter, Doozy is a Double IPA crafted for hop lovers by hop lovers. At every stage of the brewing process, we saw another chance to add more coveted Citra hops. The result is a medium-bodied, deep-golden beer that’s knock you back bold from start to finish. Did we mention the hops?

Mother's Brewing Company

Two words: citra hops
They add them at ev'ry stage
A doozy, indeed.

6 thoughts on “#HaikuBeerReview – Mother’s Brewing Company Doozy!”

  1. uuuhhh… you’re toe-ing the line, there, Stange. Every *technically* should be three syllables!! LOL

    I guess if you had put “ev’ry” …

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