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What’s on Tap! #SGFBeerWeek 2014 – 7/10/2014

Next week is SGF Craft Beer Week, culminating, of course, in the Craft Beer Bash on Saturday, July 19th.  Rather than take up tons of space listing off every event for craft beer week possible, I thought it might make more sense to make it a Google Map for you.

Here are some highlights:

The Craft Beer Bash is Saturday, July 19th from 5pm to 11pm.  It’s your chance to sample 100+ beers from all over, including all of the local breweries, but also Sam Adams, Boulevard, Odells, and many others.

Beer and sampling tickets will be available under the large tent on Park Central Square beginning at 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 20th.

Tickets will be sold in sheets of 10 or 20.  Each ticket is $1.00.  A Craft Beer Bash souvenir mug is included with a 20 ticket purchase.

Each sample is approximate 3.5 oz. and are 1 ticket each.  The local guys (Mother’s, White River, and Springfield Brew Co) will have pints available at their draft trailers that will range from 5-6 tickets each. Bottled water and soda will also be available for 3 tickets ($3.00).

Beers and beer samples are only available with tickets.  They won’t take cash at the serving tents.

Mother’s Brewing Company will have several great events, but don’t miss the MILF tapping at Skinny Slim’s on Tuesday, as it’s likely to be the only chance you’ll have to have it on tap for a while.  Also, make sure to catch Kegs and Eggs on Sunday at Muse in Chesterfield Village if you can.  It’s for a great cause and is one of the premier events of Beer Week.

White River Brewing Company has a few tricks up their sleeve next week, as well.  They’re hosting a Bike Ride followed by the Jam Up and Jam out Event on Tuesday.  Both events look like they’ll be a lot of fun.  They’re also holding a Spelling “B”eer on Monday at Cafe Cusco on Commercial Street.

Springfield Brewing Company will be hosting a pre-bash breakfast featuring Clove Hitch Beermosas from 8am to 1pm on Saturday the 19th, and they’ll be joining the other local breweries at the Craft Beer Bash, as well.  

There are also a ton of complimentary beer tastings all over town, as well as beer dinners and tap takeovers.  Check out the calendar above for more information, or simply click this link to see the whole What’s on Tap! calendar at once.

UPDATE 07/14/2014:

I’ve added a few Springfield Brewing Company events to the calendar today, including the Pies and Pints night at the Brewery on Thursday night, where you can get a free pizza with the purchase of a pitcher AND you can try the 16th Anniversary ale ON TAP!!!  Also, they’ll have live Music from 7PM to close.

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