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The Rundown #10

As we roll continuously towards SGF Craft Beer Week, which is July 13th-20th, things are amping up in Craft Beer in Southwest Missouri.

Mother’s Brewing Company:

Let’s start with the biggest brewery in town: Mother’s Brewing Company.  They have a few new beers on tap in the tasting room, so their lineup of Backyard Beers and Mother’s Others now includes all of the following, available for tasting and growler fills and such:

  • Doozy (Double IPA) – Big Citra Blast and nice malt backbone make a delicious IPA.
  • Holy Mole (Chili Beer) – Based on the Mexican Mole sauce, this beer blends elements of cocoa and spicy peppers into a well-balanced beer.  Great with barbecue.
  • Sexual Healin’ (Nitro Stout with roaster cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, & Guatemalan coffee) – Smoooooooooooth…
  • Chocolate Thunder (Nitro Porter) – Sounds kinda gross, right?  It’s not.  Nice chocolate base flavors are enhanced by the smooth nitro mouthfeel.
  • Table Saison – Farmhouse Ale with some spicy notes.  Easy drinking.
  • Training Wheels (Session IPA) – For those still working on their lupulin threshold.
  • Sideshow Bob (IPA) 
  • The Outlaw Josey Wales (APA)
  • Grow Cukes, Not Nukes (Cucumber Saison) – This one was at Mother’s Day Fest but it’s one of my favorites for a hot day.
  • MO Cider – Missouri-sourced apple cider.  

In addition, keep an eye out for D’Lila, which will come out later this month.  It’s a super hopped-up wheat beer.  Great for cutting through the heat.  Rumspringa will come out in the Tasting Room only around Mid-July.  It’s a nice lager that’ll please your palate.

Another interesting project from Mother’s is the Ales for ALS project, in which they brew an ale using a different and unique hop blend.  The money raised by this ale goes to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.  Party with a purpose, people.

Also, you’ll be able to find Mother’s Li’l Helper and Towhead in CANS before long.  They are aiming for mid-July.

Leaky Roof Meadery:

Leaky Roof Meadery’s Bond Burning Party is July 12th, 2014.

Our friends over at Leaky Roof Meadery have good news for their customers here in Missouri.  They’re releasing some new meads here soon.  Before we get to that, though, let’s run through what they have available at their Tap Room in Buffalo, Missouri right now:

  • Two different varieties of their Green Tea and Mint mead
  • Dutchess is on until it runs out sometime this week.  It’s a 12% Blackbery and honey wine.
  • Once the Dutchess abdicates, they will have a vertical of Smoked Jalapeno and Pineapple Mead in which the Jalapenos were smoked with two separate woods.  (The smoked jalapeno and pineapple mead is one of my personal favorites.)
  • To coincide with their Bond Burning Festival, they will release Bond Burner on July 12th.  Also, they are hosting a very special after-party at the meadery following the Bond Burning Festival which will feature special releases of Imperial Blackberry Mead ages in a Woodford Reserve Barrel.  They named it DUKE.
  • Unable to make it to their tasting room? That’s alright.  You can taste three new beers on draft around Springfield later this month.  You should be able to find the High Dry & Dusty, Doghouse, and B & C (Buckwheat and Cherry) around town by the end of July.

And perhaps the biggest news is that you can expect to see the Berry Picker and Cyser in CANS later this month.

Don’t stop reading.  There’s more:
  • White River Brewing Company‘s Jam Up is available in kegs just in time for the holiday this weekend.  The bottles will be in stores very soon, as well.
  • Boulevard Brewing Company’s Summer Seasonal, the Ginger-Lemon Radler, is hitting draft accounts around town now in addition to being in their latest variety pack.  

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