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The Rundown #11

Gearing up for SGF Craft Beer Week next week, I have a pretty solid list for you today from several of our friends around town.

First up, Mother’s Brewing Company has a few things on tap for you in their tasting room:

  • Doozy (Double IPA)
  • Super Doozy (Aged in Oak Barrels)
  • Holy Mole (Chili Beer)
  • Sexual Healin (Coffee/Vanilla Nitro Stout)
  • Chocolate Thunder (Askinosie Chocolate Porter)
  • MO Cider
  • Grow Cukes, Not Nukes (Farmhouse saison with cucumbers)
  • Outlaw Josey Wales (APA)
  • Sideshow Bob (IPA)
  • Rumspringa (Kellerbier)
  • Table Saison
  • Training Wheels (Session IPA)
  • Ales for ALS- this is a project in connection with Ales for ALS.

Super Doozy is also available for purchase in the tasting room for a very limited time.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Keep an eye on their events page for SGF Beer week events, which I’ll compile into a super king-sized mega mecha post later this week.

Springfield Brewing Company has their Clove Hitch Hefeweizen, Day Pack session IPA, and their 2013 GABF silver medal winner Heart of Darkness Dunkel, on tap right now at the Brewery.  

White River Brewing Company has shipped their Jam Up bottles out the door, which means that, after a brief stop in the warehouse, you should see the bottles arriving in your favorite shops around town.  If you’ve never had it, it’s a delicious blackberry-infused ale.  They have several events planned for next week, so keep an eye out for our What’s on Tap! segment later this week.

Eric Carter from The Brown Derby Wine Center has provided us with a few highlights from their inventory this week, but I think he might have hops on the brain:

  • Stone RuinTen – They call this one “A stage dive into a mosh pit of hops”, and coming from Stone that means a lot. It’s a 110 IBU/10.8% ABV cranked up version of Ruination IPA. I hope you don’t plan to use your taste buds for a while, they will be ruined.
  • Stone Collective Distortion IPA – Did you know that Stone likes to brew IPAs? This one is quite unique. It’s brewed with experimental hops, elderberries, and coriander. Bare in mind, this is not your typical fruit beer. It bursts with hop aromas and flavors with subtle undertones of fruit and spice.
  • Against the Grain Rico Sauvin – I guess it’s double IPA day here at the Derb. “Rico” is brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops, which are known for their lively tropical fruit character, and this one won’t disappoint.

Also, watch out for some news from Springfield Brewing Company and the Brown Derby Wine Center.  They have a pretty awesome collaboration in the works right now.

Quick hits:

  • Cathedral Square Gabriel is a double IPA that will soon be available in 22oz bottles.
  • Lazy Magnolia Southern Hops’pitality IPA will soon be available in its own 6 pack.  It is currently only available in the variety 12 pack.

3 thoughts on “The Rundown #11”

    1. Taste all of these new beers at once? Unfortunately, no. Mother’s tasting room beers are available to try in their tasting room, of course, and SBC’s are available at the brewery to try.

      White River’s Jam Up is around town on tap, and is available to taste at their tasting room. All of the others are available around town, but I do not currently have knowledge of any complimentary tastings featuring these beers at this time.

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