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The Rundown #12

It’s #SGFBeerWeek (Springfield Craft Beer Week, you know).  That means there are ll kinds of fun events for you to go and attend, but there are also some very special beers to be found this week out and about town. Let’s get down to it.

There is no doubt that Mother’s Brewing Company has pulled out all the stops for Craft Beer Week. If you don’t believe me, check out their Events page.  To find some special beers from them this week, all you need to know is to attend events and visit their tasting room.

TONIGHT, you can get a sweet, sweet taste of MILF at Skinny Slim’s starting at 5pm.  They’ll be hosting a special tap just for that very special Mother.

The #SGFBeerWeek Mother’s Tap Takeover at MudLounge on Friday will include two beers no longer avlable anywhere else: High Plains Drifter and Peachy Keen.  There will also be eleven others present.  YES, 11 OTHER BEERS.

Super Doozy is now running around Springfield and causing a ruckus.  It’s also available for purchase at their tasting room.  If you’re not in Springfield, look for it to magically appear on your shelves within the next week or so.

Here’s the Tasting Room Lineup from our friend, Tim Ryan:

  • Doozy (Double IPA)
  • Super Doozy (Aged in Oak Barrels)
  • Holy Mole (Chili Beer)
  • Sexual Healin (Coffee/Vanilla Nitro Stout)
  • Chocolate Thunder (Askinosie Chocolate Porter)
  • MO Cider
  • Grow Cukes, Not Nukes (Farmhouse saison with cucumbers)
  • Outlaw Josey Wales (APA)
  • Sideshow Bob (IPA)
  • Rumspringa (Kellerbier)
  • Table Saison
  • Training Wheels (Session IPA)
  • Ales for ALS (Pale Ale benefitting ALS Research)

D’Lila, that super hopped- up wheat-lovin’ lady, will be available in six packs by the end of the month.

Mother’s Tow Head and Li’l Helper Cans have been shipped and are undergoing their requisite pause in the warehouses before proliferating throughout the Mother’s footprint.  Watch for displays around town where you can enter to win $600 worth of equipment from Dynamic Earth to give you an excuse to take them out into the wild.

White River Brewing Company had some special stuff out earlier this week with their Imperial Red making an appearance at Cafe Cusco on Sunday night and the Rusty Oar Raspberry Wit at Lindberg’s last night.  You can find some Jam Up blackberry syrup on waffles tonight at Scotch and Soda.  They will also have some fancy stuff at the Macadoodle’s tomorrow night and at the Brown Derby Wine Center on Friday evening.  They’ll also be bringing their wares to the Craft Beer Bash on the square Saturday night.  For more info on those events, check out last Thursday’s What’s on Tap! post.

Springfield Brewing Company wants you to be happy.  That’s the only reason I can think of for the following three things:

  1. They currently have two GABF award-winning beers on tap at their brewery.  The Clove Hitch Hefeweizen and their Heart of Darkness Dunkel.
  2. Their 16th Anniversary Ale will be available ON TAP on Thursday night, and only on Thursday night.
  3. They will give you pizza for free if you buy a pitcher of any of their beers Thursday night.

They also want to warm up your pre-CraftBeerBash belly with some breakfast and Clove Hitch beermosas on Saturday Morning from 8am to 1pm.  Nice.

The Brown Derby Wine Center:

Mother’s Cans will be in Wednesday, just in time for Saskatchewan Day.  The Wine Center will also be tapping a Super Doozy keg this week, and they expect to have some other fancy stuff out shortly after.

Keep an eye out on their Facebook Page or on this blog for updates about a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tasting on or around August 12th.  They’re firming up plans, but you can expect it will be a great opportunity to try some amazing beers.

Leaky Roof Meadery has a new mead available now, another expected this week, and yet another expected by the end of the month.

  1. Bond Burner Smoked Jalapeno Pineapple Mead is available at their tasting room and for growler fills now.
  2. Blackberry Cyser is expected to be available this week.
  3. Strawberry Mead will appear by the end of the month.

They’re still working on getting their cans, but they hope to have an update for us soon.  Let’s hope for the end of the month.

Quick Hits:

Cathedral Square is releasing Ave Maria Double Abby Ale aged in Elijah Craig Barrels in early August.  Morello Cherries are added to the barrels to create a more complex flavor.  A unique American spin on a Belgian-Style Ale.

Look for Gabriel India Pale Ale from Cathedral Square out and about now.  It’s a 9% ABV 120 IBU ale with Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, and Millenium hops.


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