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The Rundown #18

Good afternoon, my beer nerd brothers and sisters.  It’s time for your weekly dose of new releases, seasonals, and good beer.

First up, let’s talk White River Brewing Company.  They’re fired up for their Fall Creek Oktoberfest Lager, which is back.  Early reports are that it has actually improved over last year, as they went with a more traditional flavor.  It’s out in kegs now, and the bottles should be out this week.  Oh, and Buck Hollow Blond has been made a year-round beer for them, so that’s good news.

In other WRBC news, the patio is almost completed.  Some more details, you ask?  Sure.  How about the fact that they’ll have 12 taps of great beer?  The bar is built, the patio poured, and the beer is brewed.  They are getting very close to inviting you over for a party.

And speaking of special guests, they just had Jim Blanset from Copper Run out to their brewery.  They worked together making a mash for an upcoming release…

Mother’s Brewing Company teased their fans with a picture of their squash-headed amigo, Mr. Pumpkin.  The picture was taken on their bottling line, and was actually of a bottle of the aforementioned well-dressed werepumpkin, so that means it’s bottled and will go out very soon.  No word yet on if the super-squashy counterpart (Squashed) will make its appearance this year, but it came out in October last year, I believe, so I wouldn’t expect it until then.

Boulevard Brewing Company’s Bob’s 47 is in town and will be hitting shelves this week.  One of my personal favorite Oktoberfests, you’ll start seeing it on tap and in bottles soon.

Boulevard has also expanded their backroads series with a Hibiscus Gose.  Their website describes it as follows:

Our version of an unusual, yet resurgent, beer style. It pays tribute to the pleasantly sour, slightly salty wheat beers that originated in Goslar and became popular in Leipzig, Germany around the late 1800’s. A great introductory sour beer, Hibiscus Gose receives coriander and sea salt during boiling, then we steep dried hibiscus flowers at the end to create a vibrant pink hue (really, though, it’s pink!). The result is a tangy, sweet and sour ale with a refreshing citrus character.

The Brown Derby Wine Center has the following on tap right now in their deli:

  • Urban Chestunut Bop Kolsch
  • Urban Chestnut Mercator Flemish Red
  • Piney River Hobby Farm
  • Sierra Nevada/Bell’s Mallaird’s Odyssey
  • Ritterguts Gose
  • Stillwater Of Love & Regret
  • There are also a FEW glasses of Firestone Stickee Monkee and Parabola left, but there is so little, you probably won’t get any unless you got off work early today.

They also have some new things to try, including the following (narrated by Eric Carter):

O’dell Trellis – A really cool Double Pale Ale brewed with cilantro, pineapple mint, coriander, lavender, and rose petal bloom. It’s a stroll through the garden, but the spices don’t overwhelm and the hops are still in the drivers seat.

Goose Island Oktoberfest – We had this on our tasting bar last Friday and we all had one of those “Huh, this is really good.” moments when we cracked this one.

They are also expecting a shipment tomorrow that will include some Mikkeller, De Struise, and New Anchorage.  Some excellent selections in there.

Quick Hits:

Leinenkugel has released a Fall Shandy 12 pack that includes Cranberry-Ginger Shandy, Harvest Patch Shandy (pumpkin), and Old Fashioned Shandy (like the cocktail).  The Shandies will continue to be available year-round, but will have seasonal variations.

Leinenkugel has also released the Big Eddy Uber-Oktoberfest.  Billed as a bigger, bolder, and toastier Oktoberfest.  Weighs in at 8.5% ABV and is dry-hopped.

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