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The Rundown #19

Welcome to another Rundown.  We have a lot of good stuff for you this week.  Leaky Roof Meadery has designs on you, Mother’s Brewing Company is spiffing up their britches and lederhosen, and so much more…

Let’s start with Mother’s Brewing Company, who has a lot of news this week.  They are having a lot of craziness around the brewery right now, not the least of which are preparations for Oktoberfest in the Ozarks and the accompanying After Party, which will be held at Finnegan’s this year.  At that event, they’ll have 18 taps, but we’ll get more into that on this week’s What’s on Tap, which will roll out tomorrow.  More importantly for this post, we need to discuss what you’ll be drinking at that party. There are a lot of beers coming down the pipe for Mother’s in the near future, including some special releases, new tap room beers, and a certain pumpkin-headed gentleman.

Mr. Pumpkin should be hitting store shelves in Springfield next week with other markets to follow.  If you’ve not had the gourg-headed monster before, he’s a big pumpkin beer.  He’s actually in my top three of all pumpkin beers, and that’s something because I don’t like most of them.

Squashed, which is an ale brewed with — well — squash, should be out this month, though I do not yet have an exact date.  It’s a big beer, and full of flavor.

Spiffy Britches, which is the newly renamed Fancy Pants (annoying trademark issues) should also be out this month.  It’s a Belgian-style IPA.

They are also unleashing some more backyard/specialty beers to coincide with their big party in a couple of weeks.  Those will include a Belgian Apricot Ale and a Dunkel.  They’ll also resurrect Wit’s End (blackberry wit) and Peach Fuzz for the event.  And, if we are all very lucky, we may see Chocolate Thunder back in the tasting room by the end of the month.

Pshew.  That’s a lot of beer.  But wait, there’s more.  Here’s what’s in the tasting room right now:

  • D’Lila
  • Toecuttter
  • MO Cider
  • Josey Wales
  • Sideshow Bob
  • Training Wheels
  • Table Saison
  • Ales for ALS
  • Thing 1 Sum R Wheat
  • Thing 2 Sum R Wit
  • Holy Mole
  • Sexual Healin
  • Ruby
  • Old School Oktoberfest


In other news, Leaky Roof Meadery also provided a super-sized update for us this week.  High Dry and Dusty and Doghouse will start showing up on taps in Missouri in about two weeks, so watch for some special events associated with those releases.  Bond Burner (jalapeno and pineapple mead) is canned and should start showing up in stores very soon.  They are also canning High Dry and Dusty soon, and expect it to be in stores by month’s end.  Spooklight, which is their pumpkin-spiced mead, is getting close, but they are not sure whether it will make it out this fall.  It all depends on label approvals and bureaucracy, but if you don’t want to wait, it’s available at the tasting room in Buffalo or anywhere you can find it in Arkansas.

White River Brewing Company has finished work on their first patio beer, a 5% pale ale named The Prongs Pale Ale.  They are also getting very close to opening said patio, and they will have glass and plastic growlers available. (Plastic so you can take White River on the White River, see?)  The patio itself is about 2-3 weeks from opening.


The Brown Derby Wine Center has some big stuff, too.  They just got a shipment from Shelton Brothers, which always means some really cool stuff.  In this case, they have an entire section of the mix-a-six section dedicated to these excellent imports.  A highlight from ths shipment is Dieu de Ciel! Aphrodite, which is a chocolate and vanilla stout that Eric Carter reports is “absolutely delicious.”

They also have the following currently on tap in the cafe:

  • Cathedral Square Ave Maria (one of Eric’s beers of the year)
  • Ska Modus Hoperandi IPA
  • Haandbryggeriet Haandbakk Norwegian Sour Brown
  • Piney River Hobby Farm
  • Sierra Nevada Bell’s Mallaird’s Odyssey
  • Stillwater Of Love & Regret
  • Urban Chestnut Mercator Flemish Red
  • Urban Chestnut Bap Kolsch (killer kolsch)

That’s a jam-packed Rundown for you this week.  I’m working on getting Oktoberfest and other such events put into some posts and on the calendar for you as soon as possible.  Let me know if you have an event you want mentioned by using the Contact Us page or just comment below.



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