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The Rundown #22

SBC Bringing home the awards bacon, Mother’s making it easier to get their full tap list, and a big chance to try some very unique and rare beers all follow in this here Rundown!

I Wanna Rauch artwork
This is the artwork created by SBC to highlight I Wanna Rauch when it was on tap at the brewery.

First up, big congratulations are in order to Mr. Keith Wallis, who, with the help of the stellar crew over at Springfield Brewing Company entered and placed in the GABF Pro-Am competition.  For those of you unfamiliar with this story, Keith won the Zymurgists of the Ozarks Spring homebrewing competition and won Best of Show with his smoked lage, “I Wanna Rauch“.  He then had the opportunity to brew this beer for production with Bruce and Ashton over at Springfield Brewing Company.  Last weekend, he attended GABF with our friends at SBC and the results were announced.  Keith and SBC won a bronze medal! So, congratulations again to Keith and SBC for bringing home the bronze with their “bacon beer”.

GABF Pro-Am bronze medal
Keith Wallis and Springfield BRewing Company won bronze at the GABF Pro-Am for the smoked lager, “I Wanna Rauch”.

I think I speak for the rest of the homebrew club when I say that he will be even more insufferable in his bragging than before, but that we are genuinely happy for him.

If you haven’t had a chance to try this beer, they’ll have it at Bacon Fest (of course) and they may even trot it out for the Brown Derby Oktoberfest this weekend (more on that later).

Mother’s Brewing Company is making new ways to make you happy, and I have some bad news for Foggy Notion fans. First of all, they have begun liting their tasting room beers in a convenient location for you, and it is updated daily.  You’re welcome for teaching you this important fact.

Unfortunately, Foggy Notion won’t be making an appearance this year due to scarcity of Sherry Barrels (don’t blame Mother’s.  It’s really not their fault.)  In its place, they will be releasing a beer named “Making Trouble“, which is a Double IPA.

Squashed, the chocolate pumpkin porter, will soon be making an appearance.  I don’t have an official date, but they promise to make more than they did last year due to the good response you gave them when it debuted.  See, your Mother’s DOES listen.

The newly rechristened Spiffy Britches (Remember Fancy Pants?  Same thing, new name.) is being packaged this week and will be hitting stores in about two weeks or so.  If you want to know what it tastes like, you can read all about it on their website.

Finally, I got a Winter Grind update from Mr. Tim Ryan over at Mother’s, and he reports that it will come out in mid-November.  They brewed a bunch extra this year to try and keep up with you coffee lovers, so enjoy!  (I’m thinking of you, Cecilia.)

Eric from The Brown Derby Wine Center reports that he is very busy working on this weekend’s big Oktoberfest event.  Tickets are $15 at the gate but they still have some $25 VIP passes available that get you in an hour early at 12:30.  Let me stress that if you read this blog, you want the VIP pass. Reading this implies that you love trying new beers, and they will have over 150 to try this wekeend, making it their largest event ever, but only the VIP people will get to reserve a purchase of the Derb’n Barrel Stout collaboration beer with SBC, and there will be some VERY special beers there during the VIP hours that will not be available during the general admission portion.  Plus, all proceeds benefit the Doula Foundation of the Ozarks, which is always a good thing.  Stop by the Wine Center or call 417-883-4066 to reserve your tickets TODAY.

Ommegang’s VALAR MORGHULIS beer from the Game of Thrones series is in town, and won’t last long.  There are some kegs about, and there will be some very special tapping events around town, so keep your eyes open (Galloway Station has one planned for the 16th).

Lazy Magnolia also has a new beer making a debut at the Brown Derby Oktoberfest this weekend.  The seasonal “Me and the Dev-Ale” is an 8% ABV Mississippi Strong Ale inspired by the folklore of the Mississippi Delta Blues.  It’s definitely worth picking up next time you’re shopping for something new to try.

That’s about all I have for you today.  Cheers!

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