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The Rundown #23

Happy Friday, my beer loving friends!  The Rundown is here with some information about some great beer releases for you!

The Ommegang Game of Thrones beer is in town.  I’ve found it at Macadoodle’s and two Brown Derby stores.  It’s a very limited release of a Belgian Dubbel called Valar Morghulis (“All Men Must Die” in Valyrian, if you’re not a fan of the books and show).  Last year’s Red Ale was tasty, but I expect this one will go better with Beef and Bacon Pie.

Speaking of Ommegang, their Saison made with Boulevard (Collaboration #4) has just been released by Boulevard in this area.

Boulevard has also released the Bourbon Barrel Quad this week, which is a big boozy winter warmer for you.  It might seem early, but buy a few bottles and wait for it to get cold outside.  You won’t be sorry.

Mother’s Brewing Company will release Spiffy Britches next week.  If you were a fan of Fancy Pants, this is the same beer (renamed for trademark issues). They report this is a REALLY good batch, so you need to try it out.

Squashed Pumpkin Porter will be released later this month in bombers and on tap in a few locations, including their Tasting Room.  Look for Winter Grind to start appearing in the first of November, as they are targeting November 1st, but it may slip a bit due to production scheduled.  Yes, I know you are excited.  Keep your eyes on their website for information regarding a special launch party for this popular coffee stout.

Springfield Brewing Company will have the GABF Pro-Am Bronze medal winner I Wanna Rauch on tap until tomorrow.  After that, you may be lucky to see it at Ozarks Beer Fest if they have any left.  So, get out there before it’s gone.

The Brown Derby Wine Center still has a very few bottles of their collaboration with Springfield Brewing Company, as well.  IT’s the Derb’n Barrel Stout, and you can go try it on tap at the wine center (if they still have any) or you can pick up one of the few remaining bottles.  My advice?  Do both.

Lazy Magnolia‘s newest seasonal, Me and the Dev-Ale is releasing very soon.  A Delta Blues-inspired strong ale really might make you think you’ve met the devil and gotten the better of him.

Quick Hits:

  • Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is out for those of you who like vanilla with your roasty-toasty porters.
  • Duvel has released a few new imports, but you’ll likely have to hurry.  They are very limited.
  • Odell Brewing – Isolation, Mountain Standard Black IPA, 25th Anniversary 180 Shilling (oak aged double 90 shilling = yummy)
  • Bell’s Winter White Ale – The first winter beer to hit shelves this year.
  • O’fallon Imperial Pumpkin – The last fall beer to hit shelves this year. This one comes in 750ml bottles and will be a perfect bottle to share at a Halloween party.
  • Perennial Stephon – A collaboration with Solemn Oath brewing from Illinois. Stephon is brewed with rye, finished with Brett, and likes to hit the clubs.


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