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The Rundown #24

Happy Thirsty Thursday, beer nerds.  There are a ton of great releases coming out this week and next, so let’s dive right in and swim in the glory that is beer!

First off, let’s take a look at what’s been going on over at White River Brewing Company.  Their tasting room grand opening is tomorrow, so head on over and sample their new tasting room only beers.  There’s been a lot of anticipation regarding their new tasting room, and the inside looks pretty amazing, so try to get over there and support them.

Leaky Roof Meadery packaged up some Spooklight pumpkin spice mead and some High, Dry & Dusty dry ginger mead in cans for you yesterday.  Expect to see them in stores before the first trick or treater TPs your house.  If you can’t wait that long, Spooklight is part of the Fall mini tour at Old Chicago (Springfield and Branson) and is on tap at the Outback Pub in Branson.

For those of you watching, Leaky Roof has expanded their distribution to include Columbia, Missouri recently and they are now moving into Kansas City and plotting their assault on the Cape Girardeau area by the end of the year.

At their tasting room, they have some very interesting small batches, including an Imperial Blackberry Mead aged in Woodford Reserve barrels and they also have the same mead aged on blackberries after it was removed from the barrel (no guarantees on that one, they don’t have much).  They also have, for a very limited time, a Strawberry Cyser.

Over at Mother’s Brewing Company, they supply you with an updated Tap List right here. They have also recently released Spiffy Britches Belgian Style IPA.  I’ve also seen that Chocolate Thunder is starting to hit select accounts around town.

The Brown Derby Wine Center wants you to come and visit.  They have a lot of great new beers over there:

From Bell’s, they have Java Stout, Expedition Stout, Double Cream Stout, Venus, and Christmas Ale.  Stout Stout Stout Stouty Stout Stout.

From Founder’s, you can find Founder’s Breakfast Stout (One of my favorites of all time), and Dark Penance Black IPA.

From Stone Brewing Company, they just got in Stochasticity Project Hibiscusicity. This Belgian-Style ale is brewed with wheat, hibiscus, and orange peel.

Quick Hits:

Lazy Magnolia’s new sample pack is out.  In addition to their Southern Pecan, Southern Hops’pitality, and Southern Gold, you’ll find their infamous Jefferson Stout (a delicious sweet potato stout).

Next week, look for Santa Fe Black IPA, White River Old Mill Ale, and Leinenkugel’s Cranberry-Ginger Shandy to start appearing.

Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad is out and about, as well.  Buy one while they are still available.

Happy drinking, friends!


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