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The Rundown #26

It’s Ozarks Beerfest Week, so you’re probably not too worried about what you’ll do this weekend, but there is a lot of great news for local beer lovers right now.  Let’s run it down, shall we?

Before we get started, you need to buy your tickets to Ozarks Beerfest if you haven’t already.  Head over to their website and save $10 by buying them in advance.  There are no more VIP tickets available, so you’ll have to settle for General Admission, but that’s OK.  There will still be a lot of food and beer.

Springfield Brewing Company currently has Mudhouse Stout, Petal Weisse, and Mayhem Marzen on tap (as well as their flagship beers).  They also have some new ones coming out soon, but more on that in a later post. In the meantime, they have a Mudhouse Stout release party Friday night at the Mudlounge, where you can drink Petal Weisse and Mudhouse Stout on tap. Oh, and it will be your last chance to score VIP tickets to Ozarks Beerfest on Saturday.  Don’t miss it.

Mother’s Brewing Company will be hosting a Winter Grind week to celebrate their coffee stout. There will be tastings all over the place and a hang out at the brewery on Wednesday. They have oodles of info on their website. They also have several beers which have now made it out throughout the Springfield market and into some other markets. These beers include Spiffy Britches Belgian IPA, Squashed Chocolate Pumpkin Porter, and, of course, Winter Grind.

They now have a weekly release to their tasting room, giving you an even better excuse to visit their tasting room every week.  Last week’s was the Dortmunder, and this week’s is the Uber Pils, which is a favorite of mine.

Also, keep an eye out for their annual pre-turkey day festivities.  They will have a firkin at The Coffee Ethic and a tasting at Dublin’s Pass South.

So, I guess your Mother’s is trying to keep you busy these days.

Leaky Roof Meadery has an amazing mead coming out called The Caller.  It’s a 10% ABV Imperial Wildflower Mead which was aged in stainless steel and Wild Turkey barrels and then blended to achieve intoxicating perfection. the special release party is at the meadery in Buffalo this Friday with food and live music, but the tasting room will be the only place you can get it until post-Thanksgiving.

Old Mill Ale from White River Brewing Company is on tap around town now and will be out in bottles within the week or so. Buy a few bottles and cellar a couple.  You’ll thank me in a year or two.

Boulevard and O’Dell’s have released the Silver Anniversary Collaboration Ale, which is an American Strong Ale that celebrates the fact that these breweries made their first deliveries scarcely 24 hours apart, 25 years ago.

Thats about it for this week, but I’ll see you out at Ozarks Beerfest this weekend.

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