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The Rundown #3

Welcome to The Rundown.  Each week, we’ll post new beer releases, special editions, and seasonals that you can find here in Springfield.  If a beer has not yet been released, we’ll also let you know the release date when we can.

Mother’s Brewing Company:
Your best bet with Mother’s this week is to make it to the 4th Ever Mother’s Day Festival, where you can expect to find Sandy, Doozy, Love Factory #2, and a slew of Tasting-Room-Only beers that will knock your socks off.  Mother’s never messes around this time of year, and they have some seriously good beer around right now.

White River Brewing Company:
Keep your eye out this week for Buck Hollow Blond.  WRBC had a shipment of incorrect packaging, so it should be packaged this week, but you can get your hands on it now on draft around town or at the Brown Derby Wine Center (they hand-bottled a couple of cases for them).

An interesting side note for you: White River has broken ground on their new construction, so expect some updates on that in the coming months as they build a larger tasting room and outdoor seating area.

Springfield Brewing Company:
In addition to their flagship beers and their bottled Anniversary Ale (Berry Stout), you can find three specialties on tap. Hellbender Hellerbock, Del Fuego, and The Quencher in the Rye.

The Brown Derby Wine Center:
In addition to being the only place to find Buck Hollow Blond in bottles right now, the Wine Center also has some new additions to check out.


  • Founder’s Rubaeus – Ruby-Red Raspberry beer.
  • Odell St. Lupulin – An Extra Pale Ale.  Bold hops, light color and body.
  • Cambridge Spring Training IPA – Don’t mistake this for a session IPA.  It is 6.6%.  But it’s refreshing and chockabock full og Palisades and Ahtanum hops.  Grassy, wildflower aromas set this IPA apart from others.

As for other craziness they have for you, check out this list:

  • Mikkeller French Oak Barleywine Series- A base beer that is a 19.3% barley wine aged on French oak with varying levels of toast. 6 beers total.
  • Mikkeller 1,000 IBU- They only have one case and it’s going quickly.
  • Nogne-O/Terrapin Imperial Rye Porter- A rare treat to find something with a Terrapin logo on it around here.
  • Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga- Funky spring seasonal

Quick Hits:

  • Anchor Summer Ale – An American Wheat beer that has been brewed annually since 1984.  Light and refreshing.
  • Lazy Magnolia Backwoods Belgian – A Belgian-style Strong Ale, this slightly sweet beauty is brewed with honeysuckle.
  • Core Brewing Company – Not sure what beers they will be bringing from ore this week, but some highlights to look for include their Robust Porter, Pale Ale, and their ESB.  Once I know what’s available in town, I’ll fill you in.

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