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Music for Beer Lovers with Ashton Lewis

On the night of the final TAG/Beer Buzz podcast, Ashton Lewis, Brett Johnston, and I spoke about music at length.  As we discussed music and beer, I thought it could be a fun experiment to try and combine music, food, and beer together.

As the podcast wound down and this site spun up, I emailed Ashton and asked him to pair some music with some beer, and then throw in some ideas for food, as well.

Although he found it challenging, Ashton came up with some great combinations.  After each one, he offers what he calls his “liner notes” for the combination.

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Welcome to Beer Buzz.

Welcome to our new Beer Buzz site.  We are currently working on the site in preparation for our new launch.  Thank you for your patience.

Beer Buzz was originally a blog and radio show under the TAG Media umbrella.  With the end of TAG Media at the end of April, 2014, SGF Beer Buzz will begin a new adventure as your independent source for craft beer news and information in Southwest Missouri.

We look forward to providing you with in-depth insight into local and regional breweries, special events, and more.

Thank you for being a part of craft beer in Missouri.