Useful Beer Links

Craft Beer Websites: – This site is a great resource for feature articles, food recipes, and information about craft beer in general.

Draft Magazine – This site is full of great content.  Every serious craft beer fan should be checking this site out regularly or even subscribing to the magazine. – St. Louis and beer. That’s it.  This is your ultimate guide to drinking in St. Louis.  Go ahead and bookmark it in your phone.  Next time you’re visiting up there, check it out.  You’ll thank me later. – This site is a catalogue of beer, bars, beer stores, and ratings of each.  Overall, this site is a great resource for reading about beers before you try them or for cataloguing beers you’ve tried and what you thought of them.  They have an incredibly impressive database of beer and beer rankings, and they use a complicated and very effective statistical method to ensure you get a good idea of how good that beer is.  A great resource if you’re looking for some new and interesting beers to try or if you’re trying to do a little research before travelling to a new area, etc. – They follow a similar model to ratebeer, except they also have a print and online magazine that accompanies their data.  There is a lot of discussion in the beer geek universe over which site is actually better, but the truth is they excel at different things.  Beer Advocate has great content and articles about beer, and is a great place to get information about current trends in beer.  Ratebeer has the single most extensive beer database in the world, and they use that database very effectively. – This is an interesting project in which they are attempting to map beers all over the world by crowd sourcing.  Unfortunately, crowd sourcing always has one gigantic hurdle, and that is that it really isn’t effective unless you have a crowd.  For instance, this site probably works great in cities like New York and LA, but not so much in Springfield, where it’s harder to get the word of mouth out about this kind of project. (and the Untappd app) – this is one of my favorites.  It combines the concept of rating a beer with the concept of social media.  You use Untappd when out and about sampling beers, and you “check in” to your brew from wherever you are drinking it.  Rate the beer, give a tweet-sized review, maybe snap a pic, and you send it into the ether.  Untappd plugs directly into your social media identities, so you can simultaneously post to Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare where you are, what you’re drinking, and what you thought of it.  It’s a fun way to make drinking alone more social. – From the creator of (one of the single best homebrew forums in existence, by the way) comes  It’s a simple concept – create a place where people can go and talk about craft beer.  It’s in its early launching stage, but it’s a great place to go and anonymously ask ridiculous or ridiculously nerdy questions about beer.

These are some pretty good resources for craft beer fans on the web.  If you have more you’d like me to review, use the Contact Us page and let me know.

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